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The sponsors

Such a trip can only take place with the help of generous sponsors that helped us achieve our goals. As students and young professionals, we couldn’t afford to plan such an ambitious trip by ourselves. Therefore, we would like to thank our sponsors and partners for their help, wise advices and material help they provided to us.

We want to thank Canon Belgium for the enthusiasm they showed very early in the development of The Royal Silk Road. They entitled us with their trust by providing us with amazing video equipment and accessories. Without Canon, this journey would not have been the same. This partnership really brings our project to the next level and we are very proud to represent Canon on the Silk Road.

By traveling in countries where the tap water is very rarely drinkable, there were two options: buy bottled water or filter the available water. Thanks to LifeStraw we can drink any water we find, saving on buying bottled water and saving the environment by using no plastic bottles. The LifeStraw Go, a very convenient water bottle that never leaves our side. We can quickly fill it up in any river, tap or water source and safely drink it later and use it for thousands of liters of water. The Lifestraw Steel is a lightweight and stylish filter that can be used on the spot. And, when we are camping, the LifeStraw Mission allow us to cook with clear water, even when there are only muddy ponds around us.

With professional grade video cameras, we need accessories that enables us to use their full potential. Thanks to TSE Imaging, we are equipped with top of the line video accessories, such as the Sirui tripod, that is light and solid enough to be carried on our bikes and still strong enough to carry the weight of the C300 Mark II. The Konova Slider is the cherry on top for this trip, it enable us to create amazing time-lapse and travellings. For the portraits that we will film, the AZDEN microphone will be very helpful. TSE Imaging also gave us Atabasca filters to get the best out of our 5D Mark III. Traveling for long distances with no power sources, we will need reliable extra batteries to use our equipment. Thanks to the FX Lion V-Lock batteries this won’t be an issue for us.

Providing us with critical accessories for our journey, Degreef & Partners enable us to carry our equipment in safe conditions. With the Pelicases, our most critical equipment is well protected from the motorcycling incidents, dust, rain and everything that can virtually happen to it. With custom made racks, the Pelicases fit perfectly on the bikes. The Lowepro bag for the 5D Mark III and our drone are very handy for accessing quickly the gears. With the Joby Gorrilapod we can take quick snaps in any situation, a single rock can become a stand for the 5D Mark II I or, the G5x. With extra Hahnel batteries and a remote control, we can create amazing static time-lapse that last all night. Finally, the Steiner binoculars are both compact and super sharp, perfect to scout for filming locations or to approach wild animals.

Shooting for five months on the roads produce an enormous amount of data, that need to be stored and protected for the whole trip. Thanks to their armored hard drives, that can withstand falls, are waterproof and can even be driven on, the A85 armored hard drives are our best bet to keep all our rushes safe. Furthermore, we use Silicon Power memory cards to shoot with our Canon cameras, taking advantage of their extreme speed to shoot our videos and pictures.

When we first met Bernard at the Salon Automobile de Bruxelles, we were immediately struck by his enthusiasm toward our project. We were very impressed by the quality of IPstore offering. When riding on a motorcycle on bad roads for long distances, safety is a priority and a good equipment makes the difference. Our Sidi boots provides us with the best protection available for our feet. Our Ixon clothes offer us excellent protection in all kind of weather. Our leather jackets are ready for the heat of the desert as well as the cold wind of the high mountain passes. Finally, our Kappa hard cases and soft bags will contain all our belongings for the five months to come. They fit perfectly on our Royal Enfield, with a custom made rack and are indestructible. The soft bags are spacious and waterproof, we are really happy to do our journey with them.

As a sportswear and outerwear company, Columbia provide us with equipment that will be much needed for our journey. Traveling on motorcycle, we need to pack light and each piece of equipment must be efficient. Columbia answers this issue perfectly, their technical equipment is very versatile, answering our needs for every weather, from the heavy rain of the monsoon to the heat of the Uzbek deserts.

Elpidea is a family owned clothes brand that produce all of its garments in Europe. The outdoor, the adventure and the sense of style has always been part of this family DNA and this is why our partnership is a perfect match. Elpidea provides us with high quality clothing that will allow us to travel comfortably and in style through half the planet.

Karun is an uprising Chilean eyewear brand that prodesign economic sustainable eyewear of the highest quality. Their product line is divided in two collections: the Ocean collection is made of recycled fishing nets that collected on the Chilean coastline - through Bureo's Net positiva program. Those glasses are super strong and will protect us while are riding our motorcycles. Their polarized carl Zeiss lenses will allow us to read the wild roads perfectly. The Nature collection is made of fallen Chilean oak threes that are reclaimed from the Patagonian forest. Those delicate and beautiful sunglasses will allow us to wander through the cities with the best protection against the sun, also with Zeiss lenses.
Karun is all about inspiring people and sharing a point of view. A point of view of a lifestyle more in harmony with our natural environment. We will keep on exploring on our path and share that philosophy on our road...

Léopold is a master degree student of the SBS-EM and will graduate in January, a few months after the trip! The skills he learned during his studies have been of a great help to set up the trip. We are very proud of the trust that the SBS-EM has entitled us with and are very thankful to the support it provides to its students.

La Compagnie du Kraft is a French company that creates beautiful leather carnets. Made of premium and durable leather, the carnet can be used for a lifetime. La Compagnie du Kraft is a little pocket of resistance against ultra consumerism. Instead of buying a new notebook once it is filled, L/C/K provides refills, to use the same notebook cover, allowing it to mature, to ripe and get better wit age. Making it one’s own truly personal notebook.

Thanks to DMalou for designing and building our website from scratch. Derek has been supporting us from the very start and his enthusiasm and understanding of the project has been a great help. We are very proud to have such a beautiful website and we hope that your enjoy it as much as we do.

Joga Motors is a Delhi based Royal Enfield specialist. It provides a wide range of services es, from bike renting to complete restauration of old timers. We bought our bikes from Joga Motors because of their professionalism and the range of services they offers. In total, we spend weeks at the shop, to learn about and decide of the characteristics of our bikes. Each of our bikes are custom made to our needs, and thus unique. We would like to thank them for the spare parts they gave us, that will be much needed for the adventure, since our Royal Enfield are old timers and we will put them through rough conditions.

Locotrans is a Belgian dealer of Royal Enfield. Marco, the owner, has been very helpful for us by teaching us the art of servicing a vintage Royal Enfield. He has always been very enthusiastic about the Royal Silk Road and we thanks him for his support.

Sixtine is a young underwear company started by Belgians students. Sitting for hours on our motorcycles, underwear are of uttermost importance and the Sixtine boxers provide us with great comfort.

Auto-école Les Camélias

The riding school Les Camélias taught us how to ride a motorcycle and gave us many tips for the journey to come. We are particularly thankful to them for scheduling Leopold’s driving license in two weeks times. They have been very supportive of our project since the beginning.
Chaussée d'Ixelles 189 - 1050 Ixelles (Bruxelles)
Tel. : 025133701

Thanks to:

Our parents

At first we want to say a gigantic thank you to our parents for supporting us in this adventure! If we can not say that all of them were directly passionate about the trip, they listened to us and were quickly fully convinced by our arguments and turned out to be our most fervent supporters. It is very important for us to have their support and are very glad that they follow our adventure from home.

Friends & Family

We have been talking about this adventure for two years and we would like to thank our friends that listened to us and encouraged us to achieve our goals.

Adrien Sepulchre & Vladimir Mégevand

Adrien and Vladimir are very talented composers that created the music of our prequels and will compose the soundtracks of our videos to come. We love what their work and are very glad to have them onboard, to give a really personal and beautiful touch to our videos. Go and check Adrien’s SoundCloud to listen to more of his tracks.

Daniel Lagneau

Daniel is a Belgian expat living in Delhi and has been extremely helpful to us to better understand the ways of Indian business and taught us many tricks to live in the wild, how to ride a bullet and took us to amazing trips in India while we were in Delhi. Without him it would have been much more complicated to organize the trip.

Jordan J

Jordan undertook a very similar trip on a Royal Enfield in 2014 and has been an inspiration to prepare this one. Jordan has always been available to help us on the preparation of this journey, either for the technical side or the itinerary. He has also helped us during the journey, identifying the different issued with faced and helping us tackle them. Go and check his amazing blog that retrace his journey :

Zac, Steven, Robin and the Beijing Devils.

Crossing China proved to be very complicated because of the weird Chinese bank regulations. Zac and Steven have been very prompt to help us in this delicate situation. Without their help the crossing of China might have been even more complicated. We would like to say a special thank you to Robin who worked very hard from Beijing to find us the best rates to cross China thanks. Thanks to him we managed to have the best offer.

Morgan Seddik

Morgan give us his voice to narrate our adventures. We greatly appreciate that he takes time to record his voice in Adrien’s studio.

8K films & David Niego

Thanks to David's help and 8k film offices, we were able to handle a project this big with confidence and in the best working conditions.