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Human trafficking

Human trafficking is a complex subject that involves different and specific forms of exploitation. It is the third most profitable form of traffic, after drugs and armements. It is also the fastest growing, since it is the least risky for the smugglers.

Todays, 20 millions women, child and men are victim of human trafficking. In Europe, 70% of the identified cases are of sexual exploitation, in the most case the victims are women.

Everywhere, the amount of child victim of trafficking is growing.

The Samilia foundation is a public utility foundation created in 2007 by Sophie Jekeler that led around this issue influential personality to act on the issue of human trafficking on the long term, with and aim to raise the fight against human trafficking in Belgium and in Europe; as well for the sexual exploitation than the economic exploitation.

The Foundation has for goal to raise awareness to the public and to those who have the power to change the situation. Because every kind of exploitation is a violation of the Human Right.

Furthermore, the Samilia Foundation act on the field, to raise awareness among the potential victims of trafficking, that are usually the most vulnerable populations.

The Pilot Project "The Royal Silk Road"

The project developed by The Royal Silk Road Team perfectly meet the objectives set by the Samilia Foundation. During their 4 months mission starting July 2016 they will get the opportunity to raise awareness amongst the local population about the dangers of human trafficking and smuggling.

The regions that they will cross forms the new ponds of human traffickers who are increasingly prospecting further East. The Geopolitical upheavals in the countries they plan to visit are a predominant factor in vulnerability for potential victims of human trafficking.

The expertise of the Samilia Foundation will be of use to teach the RSR team to better raise awareness about humand trafficking in those remote areas.

This pilot project is of great interest for the Samilia Foundation, since there is currently no involvement of Samilia in those areas and it could lead to potential medium-term projects. Furthermore, is it critical to raise awareness about human trafficking for the European youths that will follow this project.

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To find even more information on the Samilia Foundation and how to help them yourself, visit their website.

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