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If you consider it, going on a 6 month motorbike trip with 3 cameras and the intent of shooting a lot (and in 4K) puts you face to face with one big challenge: storage

As we were trying to find out a good solution that would be strong and reliable enough to handle vibrations, bumps,  high changes in temperature and in humidity and a lot of data, our savior came to us: Silicon Power! They gently provided us with super heavy duty and waterproofed 2 TB hard drives that would enable us to store every of our footage in the safest way possible. Of course we stored theses hard drives in one of the Pelicases we were travelling with. If you think about what they have endured, its super impressive that they never had any issues at all. Never. It is so trustful you wonder how the company makes money out of it!

Plus, they gave us 2 128Gb 1000x super fast UDMA 7 Compact Flash memory cards for the 5D markIII that are impressively fast. Scrolling through your hundreds of daily pictures has never been that easy!

All in all, we couldn’t dream of a better partner for this particular type of need and we highly recommend it. Sleeping on your two ears knowing your stuff is safe is priceless.

Losing your footage is not an option folks…

Go check their website:


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