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The first observation was: are we really going to travel on such a journey with that much expensive equipment?


They are going to be on the bikes with us. They will fall with us, they will suffer from all the elements with us and are going to be subject to a huge amount of vibrations during 6 months. How are we going to handle this?


The solution came to our minds directly: of course we needed Pelicases, the most durable, isolated, adaptable cases that you can find on the market for this kind of stuff.




Our sponsor Degreef & Partners provided us kindly with two Pelicases 1570 and one Pelicase 1560


Pelicases are filled with foam that you can easily cut accordingly to your needs and that you can change if you need. There are other types of storage ads-on that you can put inside but the foam was best suited to our needs.



Pelicases are not that big and heavy, but when it comes to putting them on a bike, the challenge is on another level. We made customs racks in India to hold them on top of our bikes (on the sides would have been too risky), which appeared to be really efficient. In a matter of seconds, the Pelicases were on and off the bike. We could even leave them on the bike to open them and prep the equipment, which was really a gain of time.


They have wheels, which makes it comfortable to go through airports and all kind of roads.

Accordingly to their reputation, they are indeed indestructible. Really. We tested them in every condition, put them underwater to test the waterproofness or cooked on them to check if they would make a good table (just kidding, but we really did).


All the gear did not undergo any of the vibrations thanks to the foam inside and no injuries were done to the equipment though the case were dropped, thrown, used for any kind of purpose and in any kind of weather.


Still, the marks of such a journey are left on their perfectly made moulded plastic and few people told us they didn’t know it was possible to harm them the way we did…hum.

Despite their old scared look, they are still in mint condition inside and will be usable for many years to come.


We don’t know how we would have done without them. They are the only solution for what we did and with the equipment we had.


That was a Master choice and we highly recommend it for any type of adventurous journey with goods to protect.

Again, go check their website for full documentation:

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