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Before going on this adventure, we knew we really wanted to bring our cinematography to the next level. In order to do so, we ha to bring motion into our shots.


As we were looking for a nice solution that wouldn’t be too expensive or bulky, our sponsor TSE Imaging offered us a Konova K5 slider.


















0,8 metre long, less than two kilos, adjustable legs length, payload big enough to bear our C300… It seemed the Konova Slider was best suited for our means… and it was!

It is super easy to use and takes literally a minute to put in place. In on-the-go situations that is a must!
It is of extraordinarily good quality and endured all of the conditions we brought him to with success.
It didn’t take much place really on the bike and made a lot of our shots look so much more interesting.







All in all, that was a master choice for the cinematographic adventure that we did. Simple and efficient.

Have a look at our videos to get a feeling of what it offers and a look at their website to see all of the brands has to offer:


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