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When going on any kind of adventure or journey, you need protection for your lenses. When you travel on motorbikes, it becomes more than essential to carry a few spares with you, trust us.

TSE Imaging provided us with Hoya Protection filters for every of our lenses and we are so thankful to them! It saved us from big troubles so many times that we can’t recall them all!

We had to replace a few but they are extraordinarily resistant to scratches and never broke.


It is a must have for traveller filmmakers and photographers !


On top of these protection filters, TSE Imaging had the amazing idea of sponsoring us with square ND’s and gradient ND Filters from the Athabasca Brand. Through a smart on-the-lens attachment, you can fix the filters in a super sturdy way and reposition them as you want to lower your gradient filters for example.


It saved so many of our skies, not burning any light coming on the sensor but being able to keep all the details in the shadows! Having in your pocket a ND Filters allows you to keep a maximum control over your aesthetic choices. It allows you to not touch your aperture when you want better control over light, which is really valuable.


Consider getting some filters if you are on the go for an adventure.


For more information, here are the websites from
And TSE Imaging :

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