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Azden ICoustic


One of the main objectives of our journey was to meet extraordinary people and dress their portrait on video.

That required one specific element that all kind of interviews desperately need: a good audio!

TSE Imaging generously sponsored us with the Azden Icoustic Serie Wireless Cavalier Microphone to do so, and we are quiet impressed about it!

Indeed, this small and super lightweight emitter/receiver unit gives back an audio of incredible quality which was giving our interviewees a great voice tone with no added grain and very few to none environmental interferences

Again, it is small and lightweight. Pefect for the journey we undertook.

The best feature is that you can charge it by USB so any computer or power bank would do the job. Priceless for travellers!

Check out their website, they have a lot of other impressive audio solutions for your video needs :

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